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We Escaped London and Found Bath


Hello readers!

Bath Countryside

We hope everyone is having a great 1st month of 2017! Today we waited to share our short family holiday we took to spend some family quality time, and also to escape from busy metropolitan city.

Planning a holiday over bank holiday can be stressful, especially if its VERY last minute and super spontaneous! As both of us are juggling our daily time from working, studying full time in university, and finding some quality time for each other, we desperately look forward to any bank holiday weekends or long end of year breaks to plan out a vacation.

Not only that, because majority of our immediate relatives live +10 hours flight away, we value every second that we get to see them whenever they visit us in London, or when we have the chance to visit them.

While scrolling down pictures posted in Instagram for holiday destination ideas, we noticed many people have been going to Bath. After having some discussion with Otosan, he agreed to drive from London to Bath (about 1 hour 30 minutes) by renting a car from Sixt auto. Like any other holiday planners, the first thing that came to our mind was to find a hotel/accommodation to stay. Fortunately we found a lovely and cosy looking 2 bedroom apartment to stay only 5 minutes drive, or approximately 15 minutes walk into the Bath town center on Airbnb. Holiday and transport done!

After having a heavy feast on Christmas, before going to bed we started planning out our holiday itinerary;

Day 1: Drive to Bath (with quick pit stops at Ayran’s relatives, and Stonehenge)

Day 2: City sightseeing

Day 3: Drive to Castle Combe for village sightseeing, drive back to London

Unlike our usual habit of ignoring the plans, this time we actually followed through. On day 1, we had a nice tea and nibbles at Ayran’s relative’s house,and had a brief pit stop at Stonehenge. (note to ourselves, always visit Stonehenge when it is not windy and cold) We didn’t go close to the stones but we were able to take a picture of a replica of stone. We were then off to Bath (Lots of country sight seeing from the car). When we arrived at the apartment listed on Airbnb, the owner (Sue) welcomed us to her lovely flat and she has also bought and left us with some milk, coffee,and tea in the fridge. After settling down with some tea we planned for the most important part, what was for dinner? We found this nice Moroccan restaurant in the town center called Tagine Zhor which served flavoursome and generous amount of food.


Bath Chapel

On for day 2, we first went to the Bathwick Hill to find a nice view of the valley. According to some friendly folks we met, Bath valley was formed due to the collision of meteor. (let us know if you know anything about this!) After taking stunning pictures of the scenery, we drove back to the city centre to visit the Roman Baths and The Pump Room, and the Bath Abbey which is situated next to one another.

The Roman Baths used as a public bath place which was built from oak piles to provide a stable foundation into the mud and surrounded the spring with an irregular stone chamber lined with lead during the Roman occupation in Britain. Although the original Roman Baths were destroyed during the 6th century, the baths have been modified and redeveloped which lead into the modelling of The Pump Room (back then known as The Grand Pump Room) a neo-classical salon which remains in use, both for taking the waters and for social functions. However it is now known for being one of the most elegant and stylish restaurant that offers all day modern-British cuisine and afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea - Pump Room 

On day 3, before leaving the Bath, we managed to walk down River Avon passing the Pulteney Bridge, which lead us to The Mosaic Shop which is a family run business selling mosaic jewelries/accessories, mosaic kits, and ceramic or mosaic tiles.  We then drove to the Royal Crescent  and stopped there to stretch our legs before making our way to Castle Combe.


Castle Combe
Truth to be told, seeing pictures of Castle Combe village on Instagram is what inspired us to organised a family trip to Bath. And we were not disappointed by the visit to such a pretty village! According to the official Castle Combe Village website the village has played host to many filming activities, the most famous of these being ‘Doctor Doolittle’ filmed in and around the village in 1966. More recently the village has had a major role in ‘War Horse’,’Stardust’,’The Wolf Man’ and an advert for Solvil et Titus.
We ended our family city escape holiday by having a nice supper at the diner/pub called White Hart, which to our surprise was the only place open for food outside of lunch time. (Again, doing a well proper research is crucial before going places!)


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