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The London Pass to London


Hello Readers!

Westminster Abbey


I hope everybody is doing well. As promised in the previous post, we wanted to share with you the experience we had during our London Trip using the London Pass once upon the bank holiday (somewhere in Spring). It is one of the best sightseeing pass to consider if you are planning to Visit London, as it offers free entry to several must go places in London when you purchase the pass; and not only that, it includes city guide book and restaurant guide book that offers up to 30% discounts per pass folder meal. You can decide on the duration of London Pass you want to activate (1, 2, 3, 6 or 10 days) which best matches the length of your visit, however after this activation dates your card will no longer allow you free entry to any of the attractions. Its also a delight to know that with your London Pass card, you will be able to skip the queue at the attractions included on the queue jumping privilege. Therefore you can use that extra time for some tea and photography!

Fun Hop on Hop off Bus ride 

The only catch to this is that you cannot exceed the ‘purse value’. For example, we opted for the 3 days London Pass which costed £85.50 each, with its purse value of £295.00. We advise you to you to check the original price of the destinations so that you wouldn’t exceed the purse value. For visitors from outside London, we strongly advise you to opt for London Passes with Oyster Travelcard which will allow unlimited access to the tubes, buses, DLR, and overground. If you are coming to the UK via Heathrow Airport and you have applied for the card to be shipped to your home address, it will also allow you to travel from the airport (Zone 5) without any extra fees. Note that if you do so, your card will automatically be activated and it will count as Day 1 of your London Passes with Oyster Travelcard. On the side note, daily Oyster Travelcard price for adult within Zone 1 to 2 will be £12.10, and for weekly travelcard price would be £32.40. You could also choose the pay as you go option, whereby the maximum daily caps for travel card within Zone 1 to 2 is £6.70. As long as you have minimum of £8.00 in your Oyster Card daily it should be sufficient to cover for your travel.

Ayran checking the map for Tower of London 

So what did we do with your 3 days London Pass card? Well, let us break it down into days to give you a general idea on the places we visited, along with the restaurants/entertainment we went which offers London Pass discount:

Day 1: Hop on Hop off Bus Tour, Thames River Cruise, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, Planet Hollywood (Pre-Theater dinner), Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Musical. (Normal price for the entry tickets would cost £80.50 if you purchase them separately, excluding the pre-theatre dinner and musical).

Kensington Palace, interior

Day 2: London Zoo (ZSL), Kensington Palace, Westminster Abbey, Jewel Tower, The Medieval Banquet. (Normal price for the entry tickets would cost £67.00 if you purchase them separately, excluding The Medieval Banquet).

The view of Tower Bridge from Tower of London

Day 3: On our last day of London Trip, we decided to only go to the Windsor Castle as we have started feeling tired from all the walking! Factoring in the fact that the castle is situated outside on the London and you need to take a national rail to reach there, we think it is a good excuse for us to make it as our single destination on Day 3. Regardless if you have applied for London Pass card nor London Passes with Oyster Travelcard option, you do not need to purchase for the return Windsor travel card. As long as you show your card to the member of the ticket controller at ticket barrier (Take Paddington Railway Station) they will let you hop on the rail. Plan accordingly, as the journey will take you between 40 mins to 1 hour. Normal entry ticket for Windsor Castle will cost £20.00 for adults, whilst the off peak day return ticket from Paddington Railway Station for the national rail will cost you £11.00.

Entrance and exit of Shopping center which leads you to the Winder and Eton Central Station

For more information on the London Pass, and Oyster Travelcard, check out the link we have attached. Till next time….





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