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We hope that everyone had a spooky Halloween! This year, because we enjoyed our experience feasting at the Medieval Banquet during our little London trip so much, we decided to celebrate Halloween at the good old St Katherine Docks. Safe to say we were not disappointed in coming here for the second time! All the casts and ‘wenches’ (Waitresses) were dressing up as ‘ghostly’ or wicked as possible for this fun season

The meals served were similar to what we had before, except they added pumpkin slices in the roasted chicken with mixed vegetables, and apple pie. Please refer to our previous post on The Medieval Banquet for more information about meal served <3

You can always arrange your visit to the Medieval Banquet by buying the tickets online, however if you want to have an extraordinary experience, why not arrange the date between 24 Nov to 23 Dec to enjoy their Christmas themed banquet? It is cheaper to go for their midday feast (starting from the 1st Dec to the 23rd Dec) from 12pm to 4pm. This Christmas, step into the dark side, and experience their immersive theatrical production; Winter Is Coming!!  Set within a land of archaic culture where winter reigns long, this event will take you on a journey encompassing the lives of each noble house (each section) and its occupants. It is a battle of the brave and honourable with torturous consequences.For Christmas this year celebrate with The Medieval Banquet and feast on their court entertainment as they entertain you with their talents then raise your charged goblet in appreciation and applause by banging your fists onto the table tops. “But whatever you do, ensure that you are in the right house, as there will be no mercy on those found to be deserting their coat of arms….”


Though, another option is to arrange a private event or gala dinner by contacting them directly via the Ivory Vaults. They will assist you in arrange an alternative menus, and change their iconic medieval theme into Masquerade Ball/Pirate and Viking Themes /Burlesque and Cirque Themes / Embargo.


Contact Details:
Private Hire:
T: 020 3289 7070 E: info@ivoryvaults.com

Medieval Banquet:
T: 020 7480 5353 E: info@medievalbanquet.com



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