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Feed The Couple Dines Malaysian Style at Tukdin


You know when you’ve had one of those weeks where everything just becomes a little too much? Yeah, I just had one of them. Our list of things to do was impossibly long and never seemed to get any smaller as the week went on! Come Thursday, We were feeling restless and wanted some chill time with each other.
Having had such a hectic week, we were fortunate enough to find some time together though we took some time to decide on where we should go. It was then that we decided to go to Tukdin, a popular Malaysian restaurant just a few minutes away from all the tourist traps in Paddington.

No harm in some comforting Malaysian staples before we get busy!

The first thing we noticed was that Tukdin’s menu was relatively small with a good selection though, but this was a good thing; I’m not a fan of restaurants with big menus as I believe the quality of each dish is sacrificed. Satisfied with our restaurant choice, we placed our order:



Sirap Bandung Muar & Susu kacang cincauStarting off with an order of drinks. Sirap

Starting off with an order of drinks. Sirap bandung Muar (Pink drink with rose syrup, milk and cream soda) and Susu kacang cincau; A simple drink made with soya bean and delicious cubes of grass jelly that toned down the sweetness.




For starters we ordered the Karipap which is a potato-filled pastry or chicken, rather like a samosa. The filling also had peas and spices, overall it was moist and filled with flavour. With an order of the chicken satay (Satay goreng).

Satay Goreng and karipap 

Satay Goreng and karipap

A long plate arrived with a heap of delightful chicken chunks, a bowl of peanut sauce (The Satay Sauce), and cubes of white rice – a different but much easier  way to enjoy the traditional chicken satay. The chicken had been thoroughly marinated so that the lemongrass flavouring stood out, and were then fried well that they were not greasy. But how could I forget that smooth yet slightly chunky satay sauce with little chilli spikes! Absolutely perfect for dunking the chicken into and we managed to polish this dish off in record time!

Daging Salai Masak Lemak Chili Padi - Grilled Spicy Coconut Curry 

Daging Salai Masak Lemak Chili Padi – Grilled Spicy Coconut Curry

Huge slices of beef that had been slow-cooked in coconut milk and various spices. In every bite, you were greeted first with the sharp lemongrass and ginger, followed by the strong spices, and then the delicate sweet, creaminess from the coconut milk. I did feel like the meat could have been served as smaller strips and done with a little spicy kick to give it that extra enthusiasm; otherwise, it was great. And to compliment the curry we ordered a portion of Nasi Goreng KPG (Traditional spicy fried rice strongly flavoured with dried shrimps)


Seabass rasa khas – with Tukdin’s special sauce

Fillets of seabass that had been deep fried so that the skin was delicate and crispy. The fish was then topped with a layer of chopped chilli and a special sweet and sour sauce (Tukdin’s special sauce) that was not uncomfortably spicy but provided a discreet kick in the taste buds.

The final bill amounted to approximately £40 for two people, including drinks and food, which is great for value considering the delicious food and location! The amount of food we had ordered was just about the right amount for two people; maybe a little more but we managed to eat the majority of the meal. The service was helpful and attentive plus the restaurant had a lovely, cosy atmosphere which is perfect for a casual date night.
Tukdin- Flavours of Malaysia was a pleasant surprise and we really enjoyed our meal there. Considering more than half of our dishes were fried. We didn’t feel heavy but in fact, left the restaurant as if we just had been given a big, warm, comforting hug. Tukdin had provided the perfect food for us to cheer up and be energised for the crazy, busy week ahead of us!

Hope you guys have a lovely week!

P.S. a few other recommended dishes to order if you do visit, which are the garlic fried chicken, the Beef rending, pasembor (mixed vegetable with prawn fritters), sambal udang tomato (prawn cooked with sambal and egg sauce, and the aubergine with chilli sauce.

Tukdin Flavours of Malaysia:
Address: 41 Craven Road, Bayswater, W2 3BX

Telephone: (020) 7723 6955


Nearest Parking: Available on surrounding streets after 6:30pm

Closest Station: Lancaster Gate Station

Can Find their menu here: Tukdin Menu



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